Swaps Astral Fire with a single Umbral Ice, or Umbral Ice with a single Astral Fire.
Acquired IconThaumaturge Lv. 4
Affinity THM BLM

Transpose consumes all Astral Fire or Umbral Ice effects. If an effect is consumed it grants a single application of the opposite effect. It is possible to use this ability with neither effect active, producing no benefit and triggering the 12 second recast timer.

Astral Fire and Umbral IceEdit

Astral Fire and Umbral Ice are granted by Fire and Blizzard spells, respectively. Each increases the damage and MP cost of spells of its own type while decreasing the damage and MP cost of the other.

Fire spells generally do more damage, but cost more MP. Astral Fire halts MP regeneration while Umbral Ice dramatically increases it.

Astral Fire should be used to deal large amounts of damage, while Umbral Ice should be used to replenish MP when needed. Transpose instantly converts one into the other.

Fire and BlizzardEdit

Fire III and Blizzard III perform a similar function, but with a few key differences.

  • Both have cast times and MP costs, while Transpose is Instant and free.
  • Both have a 2.5 second recast, while Transpose has a 12 second recast.
  • Both grant a full stack of Astral Fire or Umbral Ice, while Transpose grants only one.
  • Neither requires Astral Fire or Umbral Ice to be consumed in order to produce the opposite effect, while Transpose does.

Fire, Fire II, Blizzard, and Blizzard II grant a single Astral Fire or Umbral Ice, but only if the opposite effect is not active. Otherwise they only remove the opposite effect.

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