Roseline would like you to warn other sentries of the stranger's activities.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil191 IconXP4200 Hard Leather Caligae
Hard Leather Sandals
Allagan Bronze Piece x2



  • Accept the quest from Roseline at The Matron's Lethe.
  • Speak with Elmar at The Bannock to hand him Roseline's Missive.
  • Go south and hand the missive to Bernard.
  • Go to the stables in the west and complete the quest by handing the missive to Eylgar.


  • Roseline entrusts you with a letter detailing everything she has learned about the suspicious stranger. She bids you share the information with other sentries and encourage them to be vigilant for similar figures. Show the letter to Elmar, a sentry at the Bannock.
  • Elmar is grateful for the warning, and states that he will pass word to the other sentries and recruits at the Bannock. Head next to the eastern gates of Bentbranch Meadows and show the letter to Bernard.
  • Bernard thanks you for delivering Roseline's message, and directs you to Eylgar within the gates. Seek him at the chocobo stables and show him the letter.
  • Eylgar is pleased by your efforts to warn the other sentries. He assures you that, should this stranger attempt to harm the chocobos, they will have to face not only the Wood Wailers but the entire staff of Bentbranch Meadows.

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