Description Edit

Seww has a culinary favor to ask of you.

Objectives Edit

  • Obtain a slab of rubbery tail meat from an axoloti.
  • Find and secure a broth trough.
  • Let the axolotl tail stew in the broth trough before retrieving the tender tail meat.
  • Deliver the tender tail meat to Seww.

Journal Edit

Though Seww and his spawnbrothers can subsist on a diet of fish, he longs for the days when they could feast on amphibious flesh. Search the Sapsa Spawning Grounds for the Trident's private herd of axoloti, and slay one for its tail meat.

Now that you have obtained the rubbery flesh of an axoloti, you can follow the remainder of Seww's instructions. Find a cooking trough in which to stew the tail meat, and defend yourself from the Trident warriors who wander in to partake of the boiling fish broth.

You have fended off the attacks of several ravenous Sahagin soldiers. Stew the axoloti meat in the cooking trough, and then retrieve it before the flesh dissolves into the boiling broth.

You have successfully retrieved the slab of now-tender tail meat. Return to Novv's Nursery and deliver the steaming flesh to Seww.

You deliver the tender tail meat to an appreciative Seww. The spawnling's unusually effusive compliments suggest that any further contributions of axoloti flesh will be accepted with equal enthusiasm.

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