Description Edit

There is a peevish avidity about Bo Gu that you recognize too well: a purpose most petty is yours to serve.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with 13th Order Alchemist Ga Zi.
  • Dispach cobalt golems near the swaystone in the 12th Order workshop. 0/4
  • Use the waymaker bomb on the swaystone.
  • Report to 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu.

Journal Edit

Cobalt golems stand between Bo Gu and what he feels is his rightful salvage. The insane kobold logic notwithstanding, go speak with alchemist Ga Zi of the 13th, who has ever been an accessory in crimes and misdemeanors against his own order.

The blunt-spoken alchemist finds a flaw in Bo Gu's plan, and instructs you in the finer points of destroying the golem-controlling swaystone. By dispatching four golems in the workshop near the swaystone, you can weaken it to a sufficient level.

Ga Zi's analogy of a clenched fist was apt; with the fall of each golem, the force binding together the swaystone weakens. A fist half-clenched only harms the hand. Use the small waymaker bomb and destroy the stone.

The swaystone is no more, and the golems it controlled have lost their lease on an existence neverending—so perhaps you did them a favor as well. But of course, nobody will be as pleased by the outcome as Bo Gu, to whom you owe a courtesy report.

The craftsman is indeed pleased, and salivates over the coming pillage. A seasoned adventurer once told you that in this life, you would serve the mediocre more than you would the great, but that with luck, some of the mediocre would prove diverting. How lucky you are to be at the behest of Bo Gu and the 789th.

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