Drunken Stag wishes to repay your kindness with some useful information.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil188 IconXP4200



  • Accept the quest from Drunken Stag.
  • Find and kill four Sun Midge Swarms, found around (27,17).
  • Seek out Fufulupa at Horizon to receive your reward.


  • Swarms of sun midges have been harassing travelers along the road connecting Horizon and Copperbell Mines, and the Brass Blades will compensate anyone willing to help remedy the situation. Do your part by slaying four swarms of the troublesome vilekin.
  • You valiantly exterminate legions of the tiny vermin. Report to Fufulupa and claim your reward.
  • Fufulupa thanks you for your hard work on behalf of Horizon, and does not hesitate to offer you more work. It seems there is much and more you can do in the bustling settlement.

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