Description Edit

Recent reports from Camp Overlook have Skaetswys ill at ease.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with Bloeidin at Camp Overlook.
  • Speak with Skaetswys at the 789th Order Dig.
  • Search the Kobold Dig for signs of 175th Order Alchemist Bi Bi.
  • Take the furnace plans to 175th Oder Alchemist Bi Bi.
  • Deliver Bi Bi's letter to Pickman Gi Gu at the 789th Order Dig.
  • Speak with Skaetswys.

Journal Edit

As Skaetswys tells it, officers at Camp Overlook are gravely concerned about the recent movements of Zo Ga and his followers in light of your recent sabotage efforts. Fearing the wrath of her superior, she asks you to report to Commander Bloeidin in her stead.

Commander Bloeidin chews you out and Skaetswys for fanning the flames in U'Ghamaro, demanding that the two of you take responsibility for the resulting chaos. Return to the 789th Order Dig and consult with Skaetswys as to the best course of action.

Your conversation with Skaetswys is interrupted by a frantic Gi Gi, who is concerned about the fate of his beloved Bi Bi, yet-as expected- far to cowardly to take any action of his own. Make for the Kobold Dig before any dire fate befalls her.

You spot Bi Bi in the clutches of a particularly nasty group of kobolds. Dispatch her tormentors and free the poor kobold lass from her bonds.

Though grateful to be rescued, the loss of something she was carrying has Bi Bi in a fluster. Search the Kobold Dig for her missing plans.

You have managed to find what appears to be plans for a new prototype furnace. Deliver the plans to Bi Bi and see fi this is indeed her missing property.

A tearful Bi Bi explains that the plans you found were drafted by her at Zo Ga's behest, under threat of exile if she did not comply with his wishes. Furthermore, she makes a shocking confession that she shares Gi Gu's affections, and wishes only to see him show signs of courage before making her feelings known. She bids you deliver a letter that she hopes will stir Gi Gu to action.

Bi Bi's missive explains in detail Zo Ga's plans to build a new furnace with which he intends to wreak havoc on all who oppose him. For once in his life, Gi Gu is spurred to uncommon action—which in this case involves walking a few yalms to where Ba Go stands and instructing him to take care of the rest. Before doing even that, he would have you send for Skaetswys for further reinforcements.

Ever unimpressed by the hapless Gi Gu, Skaetswys nevertheless is convinced that it is in everyone's best interests that Zo Ga be stopped once and for all. Continue to lend your strength to the 789th Order, that the brutal bully might be cut down to size.

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