The Bongo Gods are a pantheon worshiped by certain factions within Eorzea. Their cry is "All hail The Bongo Gods. <se.6>"

Ydohr - The Beat of War
Takes the form of an older Roegadyn man. He has an athletic build. His droopy eyes are gray. He has dark skin. He is usually portrayed as wearing a severe uniform, which is covered in hexagon designs. He carries an axe. 

"Let the Rhythm of War fill your soul."

Cianke - The Beat of Wisdom
Takes the form of a mature Lalafell woman. Her eyes have no pupils or irises. Her outfit incorporates oval designs, and is that of a diviner. She carries a satchel of books.

"Let the Melody of Wisdom Enlighten you"

Xoasis - The Beat of Love
Takes the form of an adult Miqo'te woman. She is tall and has a narrow build. Her eyes have a hypnotic quality. She is usually portrayed nude. She has catlike eyes. She can create - or destroy - love.

"Let the Duet of Love warm you."

Egreus - The Beat of Silence
Takes the form of a young Elezen man. He is very tall and has a boyish build. His outfit is that of a trader, and it is mostly azure in color. He can curse any instrument into Silence.

"Let the Silence bring you peace."

Fotreus - The Beat of Fortune 
Takes the form of an elderly Lalafell man. He is short and has a broad-shouldered build. He has straight gray hair. His beady eyes are royal purple. He is usually portrayed as wearing a strange uniform that is mostly brown in color. He also wears a crown. He can bestow or take away fortune with ease.

"Let the Forte of Fortune excite you."

Dafella - The Beat of Life
Takes the form of a mature Hyur woman. She has a lithe build. She is usually portrayed as wearing a dignified outfit, and an armband. She can bless any instrument with perfect sound.

"Let the Anthem of Life fill you."

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