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Sylph Daily Quests are Beast Tribe Quests for the Sylph race. Players can find the Sylph quest-givers at Little Solace, East Shroud (x22,y26). To unlock the Sylph daily quests, player must complete the level 42 quest Seeking Solace. Players can start the quest by talking to Vorsaile Heuloix in New Gridania (x9,y11).


Level 42 Edit

Obtained from Tonaxia (Rewards 5 reputation points)

Quest NameDescription
Deck the Hut Place 8 carrots around Hawthorn hut.
Feed Me Rescue trapped Sylphs by using an item on them.
Giddy for Goobues Ride a Goobbue around and sneeze on tempered Sylphs. Easy and hilarious. Don't forget you can right click on the 'mounted' buff to get off your Goobue whenever you like (though you cannot re-summon it without talking to the NPC again).
Gourd Grief Collect a few items on the ground around Larkscall.
Imperial Intruders Use bile-bombs on soldier NPCs.
Malodorous Mischief Defeat a morbol to obtain one phial of morbol bile. Defeat an oldgrowth treant to obtain one rotting acorn. Defeat molted Ziz to obtain two vials of venom.
Malodorous Mischief Kill a few select monsters in Larkscall.
Not Who They Seem Use bombs to turn NPCs into Sylphs and kill them.
Now You See Me Use flowers around Larkscall to run through while invisible to collect 2 items. Renew invisibility as often as possible.
Raising a Stink Kill two Banestool mobs, which are stationary inactive monsters. The Banestools will show up as yellow dots on the radar map.

Level 45 Edit

Obtained from Ponnixia (Rewards 7 reputation points}

Quest NameDescription
Fungal Foulness Slay two greater banestools.
I Dream of Slimy Defeat Dreamtoads or Sylpheed Sighs to obtain four phials of dreamtoad ooze.
In the Syphlands, Treasure Hunts You Throw clearsight scalebombs at the suspicious coffers and dispatch foes.
Milkroot in Moderation Search Little Solace for tipsy sylphs, and splash water on them after weakening them.
Mushroom Madness Douse four Greater Banestools with spring water.
Perilous Pumpkins Pick up pumpkin bombs near the entrance to the Sylphlands. You are enhanced with extra strength which is renewed by interacting with luminous moongrass along the way. Being hit by mobs reduces time left on the effect. One of the more difficult to do due to aggro. Impossible if FATE active on the route.
Something to Sneeze At Talk to the sylph at the entrance to Larkscall. Mount the goobue and 'sneeze' at the designated locations.
Shocking Developments Destroy lighting channelers with scalebombs.
Waterbringer Speak with the mysterious sylph at the entrance to the Sylphlands. Steal three deep spring water from the hostile sylphs by killing them. Water the moonspore in Moonspore Grove. This can be the hardest part as you cannot be in aggro.

Level 48 Edit

Obtained from Moxia (Rewards 10 reputation points)

Quest NameDescription
A Sticky Situation Slay violet sylphs south of the Hanging Barbs and obtain three phials of lubbric solution. Use the solution on grapemaws.
Bane of the Barbs Slay two giant banestools.
Clearing the Air Slay hostile Sylphs in the Sylphlands. Plant the moongrass at the designated location.
Podling Peril Pick up the podling from the Seedbed. Run it back to the front of Larkscall. Be sure not to get hit. Use the refresh stations to keep up speed.
Boar Wars Participate in the FATE What a Boar and obtain proof of your deed to Moxia. Kafre's Tusk is obtained by participating in the FATE.
Mist Opportunities Speak with the mysterious sylph by the entrance to the Sylphlands. Use morbol gall on milkmist makers. While transparent, you do not aggro. Be sure to use the fragrant blooms to extend transparency.
Moxia's Magnum Opus Use the bibulous bombs at the designated locations in the Hanging Barbs.
No Root for You Throw three suresight scalebombs at the suspicious Gridanians and slay hostile sylphs.
Sympathy for the Sentinel Slay Sylphland sentinels and obtain three sentinel acorns.


  • Special Dyes |- unlocked at Recognized reputation (rank 2), additional dyes are unlocked at Friendly reputation (rank 3).

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