A guard at Gilbert's Spire named Monranguin needs you to recover the surveying equipment left behind in a cave by a startled recruit.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil179 IconXP2550 Hempen Kecks
Hempen Gaskins
Allagan Bronze Piece



  • Speak with Monranguin at Gilbert's Spire in Central Shroud to start the quest.
  • Go due south while in Jadeite Thick and interact with the Survey Records, Surveyor's Instruments, and Surveyor's Rope]] to pick the items up.
  • Go to Gabineux's Bower, just east of the Bannock, and had the items in to Pauline to end the quest.


  • Recover a set of survey records, a surveyor's rope, and two boxes of surveyor's instruments from the cave.
  • You have recovered all of the surveying tools. Return the equipment to Pauline at Gabineaux's Bower.
  • The Calamity has dramatically altered the forest's geography, prompting a conjurer named Pauline to request that the Order of the Twin Adder carry out topographical surveys. As luck would have it, mapping changes to the terrain within the hostile territory of the Twelveswood provides excellent training opportunities for new recruits.

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