Nunuzofu wants you to deliver a message to Crescent Cove.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil195 IconXP6160 Bronze Sabatons
Hard Leather Crakows
Hard Leather Boots
Allagan Bronze Piece x3



  • Accept the quest from Nunuzofu at The Footfalls.
  • Go to the Crescent Cove to the south-east and speak with Raffe to complete the quest.


  • Captain Baldewyn wishes to hold a feast for a party of visiting thaumaturges. For the main dish, he requires fresh fish from Crescent Cove. Nunuzofu bids you relay the captain's request to Raffe the fisherman.
  • Though the fishermen of Crescent Cove have had a poor catch in recent days, Raffe swears that the captain will have his fish. While your business in the village is concluded, Raffe's nervous reaction to Captain Baldewyn's request lingers in your mind. Perhaps you should speak with others in Crescent Cove and see if there is aught amiss.

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