• Investigate the pockmarked silver ore.
  • Report to Warin.


Warin needs your help to solve a mystery.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil154 IconXP3240 Wind Shard x21
Eye Drops x5
Viking Sword
Leather Himantes
Ramhorn Staff
Allagan Bronze Piece



  • Accept the quest from Warin at Black Brush Station.
  • Along the railroad tracks, both to the east and west, you will find Pockmarked Silver Ore. Investigating them will spawn a level 8 Spriggan Chumbler which you will need to defeat.
  • After investigating all of the ore, return to Warin to hand in the quest.


  • You learn that someone - or something - has been scattering pieces of silver ore along the tracks. In order to avert an accident, Warin bids you identify the culprits and put an end to their devilry. *Locate and investigate areas littered with pockmarked silver ore.
  • Return to Black Brush Station and inform Warin that the mystery is solved.
  • While many miners revere spriggans as bearers of good fortune, Warin has no objections to your culling the critters. The spriggans may not mean any ill, but their actions would have eventually led to disaster.

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