Armelle, a local at the Mirror Planks, wishes you to salvage cargo from a wreckage on the road.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP6160 Bronze Celata
Hard Leather Eyepatch
Ether x10
Allagan Bronze Piece x3



  • Accept the quest from Armelle at The Mirror Planks.
  • Follow the road until you come upon a wreckage. A Lumber Toad will spawn that you will have to defeat.
  • Interact with the Fallen Cargo.
  • Go to Bentbranch Meadows to the north, and hand in the Fallen Cargo to Keitha to finish the quest.


  • Armelle has asked that you retrieve the cargo from a wagon that was attacked by some vicious denizen of the forest. Head to the site of the incident and salvage all that you can find.
  • You have salvaged the scattered cargo. Make your way to Bentbranch Meadows and deliver the goods to Keitha.
  • The spate of recent troubles in the surrounding woods has Keitha concerned for the fate of her ranch. She asks that you stand ready should Bentbranch Meadows have need of your skills.

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