Description Edit

789th Order Dustman Bo Zu is half starved and can't be arsed to do much about it.

Objectives Edit

  • Collect worthless ore around Iron Lake. 0/3
  • Deliver worthless ore to the quartermaster at Camp Overlook.
  • Deliver the rotting vegetables to Bo Zu.

Journal Edit

After much racking of his hunger-addled brain, Bo Zu has hit upon a plan to procure sustenance with minimal-to-no effort on his own part. To wit: you will bring ore to Camp Overlook under the pretense that you confiscated them from the kobold's stock, requesting spare rations as reward for your efforts. As the dustman himself has no intention of parting with his own meager mining haul, travel to Iron Lake and acquire the necessary ore in his stead.

You have managed to acquire only a few chunks of the shabbiest-looking ore you have ever seen. Bring them to Camp Overlook, hoping that the quartermaster will pity you enough to offer some scant reward.

Rightfully unimpressed with your donation, the quartermaster tosses some leftovers from last night's way with a strongly worded suggestion that you bother her no further. Take your sorry haul back to Bo Zu at the 789th Order Dig.

Bo Zu is overjoyed at your efforts—the unappetizing nature of the meal outweighed by the fact that it was acquired without him lifting so much as a single pay. You cannot shake the feeling that the work-shy kobold will not hesitate to employ similar tactics in the near future...

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