Haldbroda has a suggestion for the kind adventurer who came bearing foreman Ahtbyrm's message.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil234 IconXP5250 Spiked Bronze Labrys
Ash Picatrix
Brass Daggers
Allagan Bronze Piece x7




  • According to Haldbroda, there still may be survivors from the recent accident washed up on the Salt Strand. One of them may even be the missing shipwright, Fyrilsmyd.
  • As if by some miracle, you find Fyrilsmyd alive and well on the Salt Strand. The shipwrecked shipwright, however, reveals to you that he cannot return to the Moraby Drydocks without first collecting the three pieces of cargo he was originally sent to collect─the cargo that is now guarded by deadly Qiqirn beachcombers.
  • You have salvaged all three missing pieces of cargo. Deliver them to Fyrilsmyd right away.
  • Fyrilsmyd thanks you for locating the cargo, and asks of you one last favor before running off once again─return to Ahtbyrm at the Moraby Drydocks, and tell the foreman what has become of his shipwright.
  • Ahtbyrm seems pleased that both cargo and wright were discovered no worse for wear. Contrary to what Fyrilsmyd reports, the foreman does not believe that the storm which caused the ships to sink was natural, but in fact created by the Sahagin.

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