Fraeloef, a Yellowjacket on guard duty in Swiftperch, wants you to visit the Brewer's Beacon and investigate the reason behind the waning light.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP4200 Hard Leather Caligae
Hard Leather Sandals
Allagan Bronze Piece x2



  • Accept the quest from Fraeloef in Swiftperch.
  • Follow the coastline until you get to The Brewer's Beacon, and speak with Khanswys.
  • Go north-east and use the Iron Brazier on the designated location near the scarecrow in The Flock.
  • Interacting with the brazier will summon a Torchlight. Defeat it to receive a bomb claw.
  • Return to The Brewer's Beacon and hand the bomb claw over to Khanswys.
  • Speak with Fraeloef back in Swiftperch.
  • Make your way back to Limsa Lominsa Upper Decks and head to Naldiq & Vymelli's, which is in the south part. The nearest Aethernet crystal is The Aftcastle.
  • Complete the quest by speaking with H'naanza.


  • With the lighthouse beam having grown dangerously dim, the ships on the water could soon find themselves sailing into unseen hazards. Visit the Brewer's Beacon and discover what has befallen Khanswys, the lighthouse keeper.
  • Locate the scarecrow in the middle of the dodo nesting grounds known as “the Flock,” and set the iron brazier down on the ground nearby.
  • Light a fire in the brazier to attract the attention of the runaway bomb. Defeat the torchlight and obtain a bomb claw from its remains.
  • You have obtained the bomb claw Khanswys needs to fuel her furnace. Return to the Brewer's Beacon and deliver the smoldering digit to the lighthouse keeper.
  • Though the bomb claw is able to power the lighthouse beacon for the time being, Khanswys is dubious about the quality of her makeshift repairs. Return to Swiftperch and report the situation to Fraeloef.
  • Fraeloef intends to file reports regarding the incident at the lighthouse, but is concerned about the fragile state of the furnace. The Yellowjacket requests that you make haste to the Armorers' Guild and ask Forgemaster H'naanza to oversee the necessary repairs.
  • After hearing your request, Forgemaster H'naanza agrees to have the faulty furnace repaired. The armorer mentions, with some irritation, that the furnace was only just recently fixed. It seems that the bomb trapped inside may have been overly volatile, but could there be another reason for the device's failure...?

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