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The inhabitants of Eorzea are beset by problems both great and small. Learn more of this vast realm by aiding her people.

As you complete quests and prove your worth, the people of Eorzea will entrust you with greater responsibilities. Lend your strength to those in need and become a true hero.

Questing Edit

  • Initiating: NPCs offering quests can be recognized by the exclamation marks above their heads. Speak with them to see what they would ask of you.
  • Duty List: Upon accepting a quest, the current objectives will appear in the duty list on the right side of the screen.
  • Journal: Clicking on the title will open the quest in your journal, allowing you to reconfirm objectives and rewards.
  • Rewards: Complete a quest by speaking to the NPC with a check mark displayed above his or her head. Doing so will earn you a variety of rewards, from items and gil to experience points.

Types Edit

  • Main Scenario Quests: Important quests used to tell the story of Eorzea and her people are called main scenario quests. These tasks are easily distinguishable from others by their unique icon. In periods of great change, even a lone individual has the potential to influence the course of history. If given such an opportunity, how will you choose to act?
  • Side Quests: While some tasks are not of realm-shaking importance, by completing one of these duties, you may make a profound difference in the life of an Eorzean.
  • Class / Job quests: You may encounter challenges that require you to employ your unique talents. Complete these trials to hone your skills and gain new abilities in your chosen profession.

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