Presence of mind is a White Mage Job spell.
Name Level Cast Recast MP TP Range Radius
Presence of Mind
30 0 300 0 0 0y 0y
Increases spell speed.
Duration: 10s


Disciplines and (Jobs)
Disciples of War Archer (Bard) • Gladiator (Paladin) • Lancer (Dragoon) • Marauder (Warrior) • Pugilist (Monk) • Rogue (Ninja)
Disciples of Magic Arcanist (SummonerScholar) • Conjurer (White Mage) • Thaumaturge (Black Mage)
Disciples of the Land BotanistFisherMiner
Disciples of the Hand AlchemistArmorerBlacksmithCarpenterCulinarianGoldsmithLeatherworkerWeaver

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