“In Gridania, there are those blessed by the forest. They are known as the Padjal. the touch of the elementals causes horns to sprout from their heads. They are ageless children, fluent in the tongue of the forest.” —Wispily Bearded Woodworker (Gridania Carline Canopy)

The Padjal are mysterious, holy figures in Gridanian culture. They are seemingly unaging children born from normal people (likely exclusively Hyur) in the Twelveswood, although the exact appearance at which they "stop aging" varies; some (like E-Sumi-Yan or O-App-Pesi) forever appear like pre-teens, while Kan-E-Senna appears more as a "late teen" of sixteen or seventeen years of age.

Every Padjal has thin horns usually in the form of animal horns, and is gifted with powerful Conjury. As soon as a child is confirmed a Padjal, he or she is inducted into the Conjurer's Guild and taken to live at the Stillglade Fane.

Padjal typically become mentors to other Conjurers, if not members of Gridania's government. E-Sumi-Yan is the master of the Conjurer's Guild at Stillglade Fane and is senior among the Hearers, and Kan-E-Senna leads The Order of the Twin Adder and is the Elder Seedseer.

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