Warin has work for an adventurer willing to exterminate the coblyns attacking ore wagons.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP3240 Copper Gorget
Bone Necklace
Allagan Bronze Piece



  • Accept the quest from Warin at Black Brush Station.
  • Make your way to the Railroad Tunnel located at 21,22, and use the Silver Ore Cluster you received on the Narrow Fissure.
  • Three Silver Coblyns will spawn, two at level 4 and one at level 6. Slay the three of them.
  • Make your way back to Warin to complete the quest.


  • A swarm of coblyns has taken to attacking ore wagons inside a tunnel south of Black Brush Station. Warin has given you a silver ore cluster, which you must use to lure out the creatures and slay them.
  • You have purged the tunnel of coblyn presence, thus ensuring the security of future shipments. Return to Black Brush Station and inform Warin of your success.
  • Thanks to your martial prowess, the ore will continue to flow and feed Ul'dah's insatiable hunger for ore.

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