Merilda may have stumbled upon a secret...


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP6440 Antidote x5 Bronze Cuirass
Cotton Shirt
Cottown Cowl
Allagan Bronze Piece x4



  • Accept the quest from Merilda.
  • Go to The Silent King north of Crescent Cove and speak with Baldewyn.
  • You will enter an instanced battle where you're synced to level 18. You'll be joined by Fufulupa for the fight.
    • Take care of the two ranged Brass Blades.
    • Help Fufulupa kill the Baron. Baldewyn will target you, so this allows Fufulupa to heal only you throughout the fight.
    • As Baldewyn reaches low health, he'll start using a weaponskill that deals more damage. Make sure you dodge it by moving out of the orange AoE.
  • After the fight, return to Horizon and speak with Fufulupa to complete the quest.


  • Fufulupa has accidently overheard Merilda's tale regarding the bandits and their plans to obtain Nashachite stolen from Copperbell Mines. Before you can stop him, the Brass Blade runs to tell his supervising officer─who, unbeknownst to Fufulupa, is cooperating with the bandits. Find Captain Baldewyn before Fufulupa does!
  • You arrive too late to prevent Fufulupa from confronting his captain, and are forced to battle the corrupt officer and his bandit ally. Baldewyn remains defiant even after you defeat him, until the disgraced Captain Leofric reveals that Baldewyn was in fact operating without Lord Lolorito's knowledge and will therefore face severe punishment for his crimes. Return to Horizon and speak with Fufulupa when next you have an opportunity.

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