Description Edit

789th Order Dustman Bo Zu will not stand for enterprise or ingenuity - no, no, he will not.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go
  • Set glowing coals by the 639th Order digger. 0/3
  • Release the smart bombs from a safe location
  • Report to 789th Order Dustman Bo Zu.

Summary Edit

Much to Bo Zu's chagrin, the 639th-- a heretofore-hapless order which inhabits the neighboring tunnels-- has invented a new digger with the potential to open prodigiously profitable veins of ore for the mining. In this kobold-eat-kobold world, fortune for the 639th would entrench the 798th even deeper into their current rut. At Bo Zu's urgent behest, speak with the acolyte Ba Go and acquire the means to dash the 639th's dreams of a better life.

Eager as always to send waves of chaos and destruction through the tunnels, Ba Go furnishes you with supplies that should be sufficient to end the 639th's hopes of productivity and promotions. Set glowing coals about the prototype digger and prepare to stand back.

The coals having been set, walk a safe distance away, then release the smart bombs at the ill-fated apparatus and enjoy the sparks.

Their digger no more, the 639tj is destinied for a return to humiliation, and ignominy, a development whgich will certainly please Bo Zu. Return to the 789th Order Dig and relay the good tidings.

Bo Zu praises your efforts, pleased to hear that he and his compatriots will no longer be alone at the arse end of kobold society. You have little doubt that he will seek your aid the next time an overly ambitious order employs ingenuity and inventiveness to get ahead in this subterranean rat race.

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