• Search for signs of the winged beasts.
  • Speak with Lothaire.


Eylgar would like to impose upon the kindness of an adventurer.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil189 IconXP5250 Cotton Turban
Brass Spectacles
Allagan Bronze Piece x2



  • Accept the quest from Eylgar.
  • Interact with the Vulture Egg to the southeast, and slay the Northern Vultures that spawn.
  • Speak with Lothaire, west of Galvanth's Spire, to complete the quest.


  • Eylgar has asked you to verify the claims of a Lalafellin peddler, who swears that winged beasts attacked him on the road south of Bentbranch. Retrace his steps and search for any evidence to support his story.
  • After stumbling upon a large vulture egg, two northern vultures descend to defend their nest. Now that you have slain the beasts, seek out Lothaire at Galvanth's Spire and tell him what transpired.
  • Lothaire is shocked to learn of the nest hidden less than twenty yalms from his post. He implores you to keep its existence a secret, and vows that similar incidents will never happen again

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