Gurcant seeks fertile soil to improve the yields of his newly-plowed fields.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP3240 Leather Mitts
Leather Ringbands
Allagan Bronze Piece



  • Speak with Gurcant at Summerford Farms to accept the quest.
  • Head west to (22,17) and speak with Rhotwyda.
  • Continue west to The Cookpot and interact with three Blackloam. There are level 8 Wounded Aurochs patrolling the area.
  • Once you've gathered three blackloam, take them to Tiller's Rest to the the north-east and hand them over to Pfrewahl.


  • It would appear that Rhotwyda is knowledgeable about blackloam. Seek her in the orchard and ask her about this special soil.
  • While Rhotwyda knows where blackloam may be found, she refuses to do the obtaining herself. In her stead, gather three bushels of blackloam from the lair of aurochs known as the Cookpot.
  • You have obtained the required quantity of blackloam. Deliver it to Pfrewahl at Tiller's Rest.
  • Pfrewahl is overjoyed upon seeing the blackloam, but becomes coy when you express your curiosity at the soil's origins. Hopefully it is nothing to soil oneself over.

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