Fufulupa wants you to track down a missing courier.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil188 IconXP4200 Hard Leather Harness
Hempen Robe
Allagan Bronze Piece x3



  • Accept the quest from Fufulupa.
  • Follow the path to Black Bush and speak with Seseli.
  • Go north towards Lost Hope. Once there, hand the letter to Leofric to complete the quest.


  • Fufulupa has asked you to ascertain the whereabouts of a missive he sent to Lost Hope. He fears that the courier has met with some misfortune en route. Search the roads southwest of Black Brush Station in central Thanalan for the courier.
  • You find the courier unharmed, but her chocobo did not fare as well. Until she has finished tending to her mount's injured leg, she cannot complete the delivery. Take the letter to Lost Hope in her stead and give it to Leofric.
  • Leofric thanks you for the letter and suggests that you do not linger in Lost Hope, lest you become associated with Ul'dah's unwanted. Despite what the crestfallen Brass Blade says, perhaps you should stay and lend a helping hand...

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