The Knights of the Barracuda are the navy of the city state of Limsa Lominsa. Their headquarters, within the city itself, is known as Coral Tower. Locally referred to as the 'Cudas for short, the organization operated independently before the restoration of The Maelstrom under Admiral Merlwyb Bloefhiswyn.

During this time, the 'Cudas were generally seen as the legitimate authority of the seas, in competition with various pirate crews - though this is an oversimplification. Many members of the Knights of the Barracuda have infiltrated these crews, and vice versa; additionally, the loyalties of members within each have been known to sway quite a bit. It is due to this that many city states are even weary of the 'Cudas themselves, and have accused them of possibly even working together with pirates to manipulate profits.

With the restoration of The Maelstrom, the first five squadrons of the armada report directly to the Admiralty, with the remaining four in reserve.


  • 1st Squadron - Stationed in Galadion Bay
5th Levy
Open recruitment of adventurers into this unit possibly halted after the destruction of the 5th Levy, including their commander and the Seal Rock Provisional Unit, at the hands of the Sahagin, as Isaudorel finds the idea of anyone being recommended to it odd in 1572.
8th Levy
Has a reputation for accepting just about anyone in 1572.
  • 2nd Squadron - Stationed in the Bloodbrine Sea
  • 3rd Squadron - Stationed in the Straight of Merlthor
  • 4th Squadron - Stationed in the Indigo Deep
  • 5th Squadron - Stationed in the Sea of Ash
  • 6th Squadron - Stationed around the Cieldalaes
  • 7th Squadron - Stationed around Bianaq
  • 8th Squadron - Stationed near Clearwater
  • 9th Squadron - Stationed in the Sea of Jade

Each squadron contains a host of numbered Levies, some of which are better known by their nicknames.

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