Staelwyrn has reason to believe that Sevrin is up to no good. Something must be done.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil177 IconXP3240 Guildleve & Inn access Bronze Sallet
Amateur's Hempen Coif
Allagan Bronze Piece x2



  • Accept the quest from Staelwyrn at Summerford Farms.
  • Speak with Grynewyda (26,16).
  • Head north-west to The Descent, make your way down to Aylmer, and speak with him.
  • Head north-east into the Woad Whisper Canyon and interact with Eyrimhus.
  • Keep going till you meet Sozai Rarzai. After interacting with him you'll enter an instanced battle.
  • Defeat the masked mage's Clay Golem. A cutscene will play with Y'shtola arriving.
  • Return to Summerford Farms to speak with Staelwyrn twice.
  • Return to the Drowning Wench on the Limsa Lominsa Upper Deck and speak with Baderon to finish the quest.


  • After the arrival of a curious letter, Sevrin began sneaking around surreptitiously before later absconding with his band of scoundrels. Speak with Grynewyda at the gates and find out where the rogue was headed.
  • Sevrin and his men have set forth for Woad Whisper Canyon. Pick up their trail and head off the scheme.
  • According to Aylmer, Sevrin ultimately sought to sell his lackeys to slavers. Head to the canyon and save what scalawags remain.
  • Eyrimhus states that more of Sevrin's cohorts await rescue deeper within.
  • The masked mage's golem is slain, and Sevrin's “friends” are safe. Your friend Y'shtola has sparked a mystery, unwittingly conjuring visions from the past in your mind. Meanwhile, Staelwyrn awaits your return at Summerford Farms.
  • Sevrin served up his crewmen as recompense for deserting the Serpent Reavers, but ultimately, he couldn't bear to sell his soul to save his own skin. Staelwyrn has taken the penitent pirate back, but perhaps your presence might bring peace.
  • Staelwyrn believes Baderon's voice carries weight with the Yellowjackets. If Baderon knew the entire tale, he might be moved to help lessen the severity of Sevrin's penance. Find Baderon at the Drowning Wench.
  • Not only does Baderon hear your pleas, he rewards your diligence by introducing leves and lodgings. Take advantage of his generosity to prepare for the adventures to come.