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Ixali Daily Quests are the the Beast Tribe Quests for the [[Ixal]] race. Players must have completed the Main Story Quest In Pursuit of the Past, talk to Scarlet in New Gridania (x9,y11) and complete the quest A Bad Bladder. To be able to craft, the [[


Level 1Edit

Deliverance is a unique quest, which requires three items be crafted and turned in for quota points. It is obtained from Ehcatl Nine Manciple. As your reputation increases with the Ixali tribe, the level of the crafted items rises, as does the total quota requirement, but the number to make remains at 3. Unlike the Grand Company turn ins, you can make three of the same item to submit. Items with a star have higher experience rewards. The quest reward is always 50 reputation points, regardless of what level items are crafted.

The other level 1 quests are obtained from Yazel Ahuatan the Able (Rewards 15 reputation points).

Quest NameDescription
Blow, Ye WindsWith the chat mode in Say, type With the Wind near the Ehcatl Nine carrier. Take the larboard hull component materials to Nellemond at Treespeak Stables. Make 3 larboard hull components.
Keeping Up AppearancesObtain starboard hull component materials from the Ehcatl Nine storage pots in Treespeak. Take them to

Nellemond at Treespeak Stables. Make starboard hull components.

Misdirected WooSpeak with Dametta, then take the handmade meal to Paulemont. Return to Dametta with the empty meal sack and the bladder lining component materials. Make a bladder lining components.
Trust, but VerifyAfter talking to Dametta. use the ripe Mun-Tuy beans to lure out the salivating simian and kill it. Return to Dametta and make 1 bladder component.

Level 3 Edit

Obtained from [[

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