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Old Gridania

 Ilorie <Independent Jeweler> is an NPC that sells battlefield accessories and fieldcraft accessories. She can be found in Old Gridania.


Batttlefield GearEdit

  • Copper Ear Cuffs
  • Brass Ear Cuffs 
  • Sunstone Earrings
  • Sphene Earrings
  • Fluorite Earrings
  • Danburite Earrings
  • Malachite Earrings
  • Lapis Lazuli Earrings
  • Copper Gorget
  • Brass Gorget
  • Silver Gorget
  • Bone Necklace
  • Fang Necklace
  • Horn Necklace
  • Leather Wristbands
  • Hard Leather Wristbands
  • Goatskin Wristbands
  • Copper Wristlets
  • Brass Wristlets
  • Silver Wristlets
  • Copper Ring
  • Brass Ring
  • Silver Ring
  • Bone Ring
  • Coral Ring
  • Horn Ring

Fieldcraft GearEdit

  • Fang Earrings
  • Horn Earrings
  • Wolf Earrings
  • Copper Earrings
  • Brass Earrings
  • SIlver Earrings
  • Copper Choker
  • Brass Choker
  • Silver Choker
  • Leather Choker
  • Hard Leather Choker
  • Goatskin Choker
  • Boarskin Choker
  • Brass Wristlets of Crafting
  • Silver Wristlets of Crafting
  • Hard Leather Wristbands of Gathering
  • Goatskin Wristbands of Gathering
  • Brass Ring of Crafting
  • Silver Ring of Crafting
  • Goatskin Ring
  • Toadskin Ring

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