Description Edit

Trachraet seeks and adventurer with superior sleuthing skills.

Objectives Edit

Journal Edit

Lieutenant Trachraet reveals to you a troubling development: a Maelstrom convoy was recently intercepted, the unidentified perpetrators absconding with a vital shipment of saltpeter. He beseeches your aid, asking you to travel to Swiftperch in western La Noscea to assist Lieutenant Skaetswys, the officer tasked with leading the investigation.

Lieutenant Skaetswys is grateful for your assistance, as her subordinates have thus far not demonstrated much in the way of investigative skills. Search Swiftperch for the evidence which has thus far eluded her grasp.

A thorough scouring of Swiftperch has turned up a misshapen pickaxe of curious make. Could this be a tool left behind by the saltpeter thieves? Present it to Lieutenant Skaetswys in hopes that it sheds light on her inquiry.

Upon a close examination of the pick, Skaetswys is now convinced that the ambush of the convoy was carried out by a band of kobolds. Accompany Skaetswys to Camp Overlook and seek out Commander Bloeidin, whose vast knowledge of the tunnel-dwelling beastmen will prove vital in determining a proper course of action.

Upon your arrival at Camp Overlook, a captive kobold under interrogation by Commander Bloeidin was quick to confess that a notorious order of his kin, the 789th, were the masterminds behind the saltpeter theft. Exercising due caution, infiltrate their den of villainy and rendezvous once more with Skaetswys.

No sooner did you arrive at the dig and locate the stolen supplies than did the 789th Order sniff out your presence, surrounding you. The mystery then deepened, however, when the vicious kobolds surrendered their stolen goods with nary a fight. Speak with Skaetswys again, that the two of you might puzzle out exactly what has transpired.

Thoroughly confused by the kobolds' behavior, Skaetswys nonetheless elects to put off any further pondering until the supplies are safely conveyed to their original destination. Before setting off for Camp Overlook, she encourages you to explore the dig and seek out the leader of the 789th, that you might glean some knowledge of the surprisingly nonconfrontational kobolds.

The foreman of the 789th, an uninspiring kobold by the name of Gi Gu, sheepishly expresses his remorse for his order's actions, while insisting that they only stooped to common thievery due to extenuating circumstances. It would seem there is more to these kobolds' plight than meets the eye...

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