Commodore Reyner wishes to speak with you regarding the upcoming banquet.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil230 IconXP6440 Dress Shoes




  • The commodore has suggested that you speak with Baderon and acquire suitable attire for the banquet. Head to the Drowning Wench and see what the canny proprietor can provide for you.
  • It seems that your current garb lacks the refinement expected of a guest attending one of the Admiral's high-class banquets. Visit J'nasshym at the Octant, and pick up the "gentlemanly"/"ladylike" addition to your apparel.
  • J'nasshym has entrusted you with a raxa-wrapped box containing your "gentlemanly"/"ladylike" apparel. Return to the Drowning Wench and show the package to Baderon.
  • After handing the box over to Baderon, you discover that it holds a pair of expensive dress shoes. The Wench's proprietor explains that the footwear is a gift from him, and from all the people you have aided during your journeys. Speak with Baderon again once you are ready to attend the banquet.

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