Description Edit

789th Order Dustman Bo Zu has a friend in need of a helping hand—preferably not Bo Zu's.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
  • /soothe pygmy bombs at Iron Lake.
  • Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
  • Report to 789th Order Dustman Bo Zu.

Journal Edit

Bo Zu considers the 789th Order's acolyte, the eccentric Ba Go, one of his closest friends at the dig—a feeling which does not appear to be in any way mutual. With Ba Go in trouble and seeking the assistance of anyone not named Bo Zu, go and offer what help you may.

From what sense you can make of Ba Go's ramblings, a few of his so-called beauties—unhammy with their creator's treatment of them—have flown the coop and now wreak havoc in the vicinity of iron Lake. At Ba Go's behest, seek them out and /soothe their anger, that they might return home and trouble innocent bystanders no more.

Their volatile hearts calmed, the pygmy bombs have returned to the loving care of their creator. Return to Ba Go in triumph.

Eager to make amends, Ba Go is far too preoccupied doting on his beauties to express any sort of gratitude for your part in securing their safe return. Return to Bo Zu and inform him that the deed is done.

Bo Zu is deeply appreciative of your efforts on behalf of his friend Ba Go, who he still considers a friend despite the latter's utter disregard for the hapless dustman. Having demonstrated both generosity and competence, you can expect Bo Zu to call upon you again next time he or one of his peers is in need...

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