• HeAintHeavy
    To begin He Ain't Heavy,speak to Meffrid in South Shroud (25, 20) - Quarrymill. (Pic 1-2)
    Meffrid - South Shroud

    Pic 1

  • Now, you must speak with Albreda. She is a few feet away towards the Southwest. (Pic 3)
  • Turn back around and speak with Meffrid yet again.
  • You are asked to Track Down Gallien. He is located Southeast of your current position inside of the circle. (Pic 4)
Meffrid - South Shroud-Map

Pic 2

  • Once you are inside of the circle on the map, Gallien is located precisely where (Pic 5-6) shows his location.

Pic 3

Gallien Circ

Pic 4

Gallien Map

Pic 5

  • Use caution: Once you speak to Gallien a Level 27 Goblin Ambusher will attack you! (Pic 7) Kill it and speak to Gallien once more to trigger a cutscene.
Gallien pic

Pic 6


Pic 7

  • Now head back to speak with Meffrid once again. (Pic 2)

You have now completed He Ain't Heavy!

Now we move onto Come Highly Recommended.

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