A Guildleve is a special task issued by the Adventurer's Guild. Players can undertake leves by speaking to a levemetes stationed at various outposts through Eorzea. Players can complete Guildleves solo or with a party. Experience or items are granted upon completing leves.

Battlecraft LevesEdit

Battlecraft Leves are tasks undertaken by disciples of War or Magic. These tasks usually take the player out into the world to slay monsters or collect loot. Some leves include slaying Notorious Monsters.

Fieldcraft LevesEdit

Fieldcraft Leves are undertaken by disciples of the Land. These tasks consist of exploring the surrounding area, usually to gather herbs and plants from the wildlife. Or to preform a survey on a particular area.

Tradecraft LevesEdit

Tradecraft Leves are undertaken by disciples of the Hand. These tasks require players to craft a wide range of items, fulfilling orders both big and small. HQ turn in's will result in higher Xp gains for orders. Rewards vary from crystals to materials for the craft item is related to.


Levequest is a leve that is obtainable once a character signs up for a Grand Company. They have a unique issuing NPC for each zone and Grand Company.

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