Guildhests are a type of Duty that require a party of players to complete. Players can start a Guildhest by speaking with NPCs labeled as a Battlewarden and meet the Guildhest's required Level. Completing Guildhests reward players with Experience Points (XP) and Gil, and completing a Guildhest for the first time rewards players with a one-time bonus of XP and Gil. Players will also receive bonus XP and Gil for completing a Gil for the first time with a Class.

After accepting the Guildhest and the player slots are filled, the party will be immediately transported to a battle. Every Guildhest is different and the difficulty increases with the higher Level requirement.

Guildhest Level Party
Basic Training: Enemy Parties 10 Light Party
Under the Armor 10 Light Party
Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds 15 Light Party
Hero on the Halfshell 15 Light Party
Pulling Poison Posies 20 Light Party
Stinging Back 20 Light Party
All's Well that Ends in the Well 25 Light Party
Flicking Sticks and Taking Names 25 Light Party
More than a Feeler 30 Light Party
Annoy the Void 30 Light Party
Shadow and Claw 35 Light Party
Long Live the Queen 35 Light Party
Ward Up 40 Light Party
Solemn Trinity 40 Full Party

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