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A Guildhest is a task assigned by the Adventurer's Guild that require a party of players to complete. Players can undergo a Guildhest by finding NPCs called Battlewardens.

After accepting the task, party members will be immediately transported to an instanced battle area. Often times, the Battlewarden will accompany the players in the field, offering advice or support in battle.

Level 10Edit

Basic Training: Enemy Parties

Under the Armor

Level 15Edit

Basic Training: Enemy Strongholds

Hero on the Halfshell

Level 20Edit

Pulling Poison Posies

Stinging Back

Level 25Edit

All's Well that Ends in the Well

Flicking Sticks and Taking Names

Level 30Edit

More than a Feeler

Annoy the Void

Level 35Edit

Shadow and Claw

Long Live the Queen

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