Description Edit

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu is not enamored with the eating habits of his digmate.

Objectives Edit

  • Use boom tosses on the shadows, then slay shard doblyns for their shells. 0/3
  • Deliver doblyn shells to 789th Order Dustman Bo Bu.

Journal Edit

Bo Bu's dream of serving a feast atop his treasured doblyn-shell plate has been dashed by his fellow dustman Bo Zu, who-his already-lacking wits further addled by hunger—has greedily gorged himself upon the selfsame plate. While Bo Bu looks into his digmate's well-being, head to U'Ghamar, scare doblyns from their shadows with the boom tosses furnished to you by Bo Bu, and retrieved their shells, that the dustman may restore his tableware.

You have swiftly and efficiently relieved three doblyns for their carapaces. Return to the 789th Order Dig and deliver the fruits of your labor to Bo Bu.

Heartened by your return and the knowledge that his fellow dustman is playing the price for his gluttony, Bo Bu takes the doblyn shells into hand.Will the day soon come when the 789th Order feasts in triumph?

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