Drunken Stag needs someone to retrieve the raw Nashachite he dropped outside the mines.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil179 IconXP3420 Potion x5



  • Accept the quest from Drunken Stag.
  • Investigate three Ore Mounds north of Drunken Stag's location.
  • Kill the level 10 Prism Coblyns that spawn.
  • After gathering three raw Nashachite, return to Drunken Stag to complete the quest.


  • Drunken Stag was forced to abandon a haul of raw Nashachite outside Copperbell Mines, and is still unable to reach it due to an infestation of prism coblyns. Search for his gemstones and slay any beasts that interfere.
  • You have recovered the raw Nashachite. Deliver it to Drunken Stag outside the Copperbell Mines.
  • Now that the haul of raw Nashachite has been secured, a timely delivery to Dadanen may prevent his impending fall into destitution.

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