Description Edit

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu is a believer in equal opportunities.

Objectives Edit

  • Obtain shards of crystalline saltpeter from U'Ghamaro Mines. 0/5
  • Report to 789th Order Dustman Bo Bu.

Journal Edit

Bo Bu, proving to be among the more spirited kobolds at the dig, dismisses the vaunted abilities of Zo Ga and his followers, asserting that their strength is merely the product of superior resources paid for with ill-gotten wealth. To test his theory, he would 'borrow' some crystalline saltpeter from the 13th Order's stores in U'Ghamaro, and deliver it to the 789th's own Ba Go, to see what destructive wonders the acolyte might fashion from such prime materials. Or rather, he would have you do this—there is a limit to the dustman's courage, after all.

With any luck, Zo Ga will not notice the modest quantity of saltpeter you have lifted from his order's workshop. Deliver it to Ba Go at the 789th Order Dig and prepare for the inevitable applause and accolades.

Neither applause nor accolades were to be had, but rather expletives and epithets, as Ba Go took considerable umbrage at the mere implication—voiced by no one in particular—that the work of Zo Ga's chemists was somehow superior to his own. Break the news to Bo Bu, and try to be gentle about it.

789th Order Dustman Bo Bu, showing admirable pluck, is not shaken by Ba Go's disapproval—perhaps because he did not hear it—even resolving to someday apprentice himself to the eccentric genius and hone his own bombcrafting skills. Who are you to dash the young lad's dreams?

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