Gurcant is eyeing fertile new fields for Summerford Farms, but pests perturb his plows.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil135 IconXP1950 N/A N/A



  • Accept the quest from Gurcant.
  • Leave Summerford Farms and kill 5 Tiny Mandragoras.
  • Speak with Gurcant once you're done to finish the quest.


  • Gurcant the botanist is too tender-hearted to root out the meddlesome mandragoras that have encroached onto the fields of Summerford Farms. However, he has no qualms about asking you to do it. Venture outside the front gate and put down five of the seedkin.
  • The fields are now ripe for tillage. Deliver the good news to Gurcant.
  • Gurcant laments having to ask outsiders for help, especially considering all the one-time swashbucklers loitering about. All the same, he is grateful for your assistance.

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