Description Edit

The rapidly burgeoning bomb population has 789th Order Dustman Bo Bu concerned for the safety of the tunnels.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
  • Destroy a prototype bomb incubator in U'Ghamaro Mines.
  • Search the embers for the dazzling bomb and slay it to aquire its arm.
  • Deliver the glowing arm to 789th Dustman Bo Bu.

Journal Edit

A foul mess of machinery assembled by alchemists under Zo Ga's influence is belching out boorishly tempered bombs at an alarming rate. Bo Bu, ever eager to please, exhorts you to consult with Ba Go to come up with a means of destroying this hatchery of havoc.

Ba Go, welcoming the explosive demise of any bombs other than the beauties fashioned by is own hand, informs you that the bomb incubator is quite easily destroyed and sends you on your way. He does so not without assigning you a task, however: the recovery of a dazzling bomb's glowing arm that he would use to further his research. As said research demands the holy acolyte's full attention, you are to deliver your findings to Bo Bu.

The incubator falls quickly to your hand, spitting sparks and flames every which way. Search the embers and slay any hostile mobs that have survived the destruction.

The bombs too have fallen, reducing your immediate surroundings to a blazing inferno that would rival the seventh hell, yet your task is not yet done. Search the embers for the most dazzling bomb of all, slaying it and lopping off its still-glowing arm for the good of science.

The dazzling bomb arm is yours, and what an arm it is! Return to the 789th Order Dig with a skip in your step, and entrust it to Dustman Bo Bu, reminding him taht Ba Go will come seeking it at later juncture.

Bo Bu rejoices at the bomb incubator's destruction, while relishing the opportunity to deliver a gift in person to the esteemed Ba Go. The acolyte is a stern taskmaster, but mayhap the young dustman's zeal will earn his respect yet. In the meantime, you can take pride in knowing that your efforts have earned the dig a brief respite from Zo Ga's fiery wrath...

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