Dyes are items that allow you to change the color of your clothes. You can unlock the ability to dye clothes by completing the Color Your World Side Quest.

How to dye clothes Edit

After completing Color Your World, the "Dye" action will be added to the Action & Traits screen. Using this action will make a window pop up that will display all the items that can be dyed and what color you can dye the item. Dyes can be purchased from Alaric in Gridania, Unsynrael in Limsa Lominsa, or Nanabe in Ul'dah.

Colors Edit

Dye Cost
Abyssal Blue Dye
Acorn Brown Dye
Adamantoise Green Dye
Aldgoat Brown Dye
Apple Green Dye
Ash Grey Dye
Bark Brown Dye
Black Urushi
Blood Red Dye
Blue Pigment
Bone White Dye
Brown Pigment
Cactuar Green Dye
Celeste Blue Dye
Ceruleum Blue Dye
Charcoal Grey Dye
Chestnut Brown Dye
Chocolate Brown Dye
Coeurl Yellow Dye
Colibri Pink Dye
Coral Pink Dye
Cork Brown Dye
Corpse Blue Dye
Cream Yellow Dye
Currant Purple Dye
Dalamud Red Dye
Deepwood Green Dye
Desert Yellow Dye
Gloom Purple Dye
Gobbiebag Brown Dye
Goobbue Grey Dye
Grape Purple Dye
Green Pigment
Grey Pigment
Halatali Yellow Dye
Honey Yellow Dye
Hunter Green Dye
Ice Blue Dye
Ink Blue Dye
Iris Purple Dye
Kobold Brown Dye
Lavender Blue Dye
Lilac Purple Dye
Lime Green Dye
Loam Brown Dye
Lotus Pink Dye
Marsh Green Dye
Meadow Green Dye
Mesa Red Dye
Midnight Blue Dye
Millioncorn Yellow Dye
Mole Brown Dye
Morbol Green Dye
Moss Green Dye
Mud Green Dye
Nophica Green Dye
Ochu Green Dye
Olive Green Dye
Opo-opo Brown Dye
Orchard Brown Dye
Othard Blue Dye
Peacock Blue Dye
Plum Purple Dye
Pumpkin Orange Dye
Purple Pigment
Qiqirn Brown Dye
Raisin Brown Dye
Raptor Blue Dye
Raw Urushi
Red Pigment
Regal Purple Dye
Rhotano Blue Dye
Rolanberry Red Dye
Rose Pink Dye
Royal Blue Dye
Russet Brown Dye
Rust Red Dye
Salmon Pink Dye
Seafog Blue Dye
Shadow Blue Dye
Shale Brown Dye
Sky Blue Dye
Slate Grey Dye
Snow White Dye
Soot Black Dye
Storm Blue Dye
Sunset Orange Dye
Sylph Green Dye
Turquoise Green Dye
Ul Brown Dye
Void Blue Dye
Wine Red Dye
Woad Blue Dye
Yellow Pigment

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