Momodi wishes to enlist the aid of a trusted friend of Ul'dah.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP6440 Ul'dahn Ring




  • Having sworn you to secrecy, Momodi reveals that the royal crown has been stolen. According to her, if the theft were to be made public, it would tarnish the sultana's reputation. She suspects that the missive which Fufulupa found amongst Baldwyne's possessions was written by the perpetrators of this crime. Momodi bids you bear the letter to its intended recipient, Owyne of the Sultansworn, and offer your assistance.
  • Owyne confirms that the letter is a ransom note from the thieves, stating their demands for the return of the crown. Believing there to be no other way, the guilt-ridden Sultansworn decides to give the criminals what they want. Rendezvous with him at the Unholy Heir in central Thanalan and ensure the exchange goes as planned.
  • Having taken receipt of their payment, the thieves rather predictably attempt to murder you, but with the aid of Papashan and a band of Sultansworn, you defeat them. Soon after, you find yourself alone with the masked mage who orchestrated the theft, and another battle ensues. Fortunately, Thancred comes to your aid, and together you emerge triumphant. Though the motives of this “Ascian” remain a mystery, his schemes now lie in ruin. Return to the Heart of the Sworn and find out if the Sultansworn have recovered the crown.
  • The sultana visits the Heart of the Sworn to thank you personally for helping to recover the crown, and to request your presence at the forthcoming banquet as her guest of honor. Though her gesture leaves you speechless, you gather your composure and accept, already looking forward to your next meeting.