• Present yourself to Staelwyrn for inspection.


Staelwyrn, owner of Summerford Farms, wishes to inspect your equipment and thereby gauge your readiness for the tasks he has in mind.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil161 IconXP1120 Bronze War Axe
Leather Grimoire
Bronze Daggers


MSQuests Lurkers in the Grotto


  • Initiate the quest by speaking to Staelwyrn at Summerford Farms.
  • Equip yourself with gear that has an item level of 5 or above. You need to equip gear on your head, hands, body, legs and feet. If you at this point don't have gear that meets the requirement, the nearby merchant is stocked with what you need.
  • Speak with Staelwyrn to complete the quest.


  • To be eligible for tasks from Staelwyrn, you must first assemble a respectable set of equipment. Equip your head, body, hands, legs, and feet with gear of level 5 or above and present yourself to Staelwyrn for inspection.
  • Staelwyrn likes the cut of your jib, and has work for you whenever you are ready.

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