Staelwyrn worries his sack of oranges will not reach the La Thagran Checkpoint as planned.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil2550 IconXP179 Ice Shard x10
Bronze Labrys
Maple Picatrix
Bronze Knives
Allagan Bronze Piece x5



  • Accept the quest from Staelwyrn
  • Head south towards the La Thagran Checkpoint till you meet Sevrin. Use the /doubt emote on him.
  • Defeat the two level 5 Goblin Muggers to the east.
  • Interact with Sevrin's henchmen, Aylmer, Eyrimhus, and Sozai Rarzai.
  • Speak with Sevrin and collect the Sack of Oranges.
  • Continue south to the La Thagran Checkpoint and give the oranges to Ossine. You'll get a Sack of Gil.
  • Return to Summerford Farms and deliver the Gil to Staelwyrn.


  • Sevrin has made off with a burlap sack of oranges with the intention of fencing it to goblins. Staelwyrn bids you seek out Sevrin and cast /doubt on his actions, that he might be compelled to return the oranges.
  • Sure enough, Sevrin attempted to hock Staelwyrn's oranges to goblins. When the deal went sour, Sevrin got away, but his three henchmen are still in need of rescue.
  • Inform Sevrin that his henchmen are alive and well, and talk to him about the burlap sack of oranges.
  • Sevrin is grateful to you for saving his henchmen, and pledges to honor his word. Retrieve the sack of oranges.
  • Deliver the sack to its rightful recipient, Ossine at the La Thagran Checkpoint.
  • Judging by Ossine's reaction, this is not the first time Sevrin has attempted a stunt like this. Return to Summerford Farms and relay to Staelwyrn all that transpired.
  • Staelwyrn bemoans the fact that Sevrin is more trouble than he will ever be worth. Good help is hard to find.

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