Osha Jaab, a Wood Wailer at the Matron's Lethe, is looking for a sure-footed adventurer to pluck blue trumpets from the root of the nearby heavenspillar.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil191 IconXP4200



  • Accept the quest from Osha Jaab at Matron's Lethe.
  • Interact with four blue trumpet mushrooms found on the Heavenspillar root in Matron's Lethe.
  • Go to the top of the Matron's LEthe and interact with Theodore to hand in the quest.


  • You have been tasked with removing blue trumpet mushrooms from the heavenspillar root found in the Matron's Lethe. Remove the fungal menace before it has a chance to spread and cause the wood to rot.
  • You have plucked all the blue trumpets from the root of the heavenspillar. Report to Theodore at the upper landing in the Matron's Lethe.
  • Your simple act of mushroom picking has saved the root of the heavenspillar from a rotten fate. Though not an ideal walkway, Theodore insists that the root is essential for travel through the drastically altered geography of the Central Shroud.

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