Crafting LogEdit

The crafting log is a book/menu that contains all the known recipes of the player.

  • You obtain your Crafting Log when you first sign up for any of the Disciple of the Hand classes.
  • Signing up for new Disciple of the Hand classes will add them to your crafting log.
    • New recipes will be added for each class as it's level increases.
    • It is also possible to learn special Recipes for each of the crafting classes.


Level Result
1 Maple Lumber





Level 1-5

Level Item Difficulty Durability Material # 1

Material # 2

Material # 3

Material # 4

Material # 5

Material # 6

1 Leather 9 40 Animal Skin
1 Leather Calot
2 Leather Wristguards
2 Leather Duckbills
3 Merchant's Purse
3 Leather Hepherd's Belt
3 Leather Duckbill of Gathering
4 Leather Eyepatch
4 Fingerless Leather Gloves
4 Leather Belt
4 Leather Shoes
5 Leather Culttes
5 Leather Crakows
5 Leather Choker




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