Wyrkrhit, a Skylift operator, needs an adventurer to deliver some forgotten packages.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP3420 Leather Jackboots
Amateur's Duckbills
Allagan Bronze Piece x2



  • Speak with Wyrkrhit at the Skylift to start the quest.
  • Follow the coast till you reach Foremast, and hand over the Foremast Package to Syngithuv.
  • Go straight north-east till you reach De Nevelle Checkpoint and hand over the De Nevelle Checkpoint Package to Jessamine.
  • Return to the Skylift and talk with Wyrkrhit to finish the quest.


  • Deliver the packages to Syngithuv at the Foremast, and Jessamine, a guard at the De Nevelle Checkpoint.
  • You have delivered the packages to their rightful recipients. Return to the Skylift and report to Wyrkrhit.
  • Wyrkrhit muses that a great number of his delivery woes would be alleviated by the creation of a ramp up the face of the cliff. He also acknowledges that Limsa Lominsa's governing body is highly unlikely to divert resources to such a mundane endeavor while the city-state is occupied with the threat of the beast tribes and the Garlean Empire. For the time being, he must be content with overseeing the tedious business of loading and unloading the balloons.

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