Merilda needs help preparing a meal for unscrupulous guests.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil0 IconXP6160 Bronze Celata
Hard Leather Eyepatch
Ether x10
Allagan Bronze Piece x3



  • Accept the quest from Merilda in the Crescent Cove.
  • You'll find the mobs north of Merilda's location. Slay two Arbor Buzzard, Thickshell, and Scaphite to receive the required items.
  • Return the items to Merilda to complete the quest.


  • A band of outlaws has taken over the tavern in Crescent Cove and is demanding to be served buzzard, thickshell, and scaphite. Slay the beasts and gather the ingredients so Merilda can begin cooking.
  • With little difficulty, you obtain the necessary ingredients. Deliver them to Merilda before the bandits grow impatient.
  • A relieved Merilda thanks you for your help, explaining that the Brass Blades of Vesper Bay and Horizon care little for the plight of the small fishing village. Some Brass Blades are even said to cooperate with the bandits...

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