Galfrid needs an adventurer to investigate suspicious activity in the Twelveswood.


Gil Experience Guaranteed rewards Optional rewards
IconGil132 IconXP1120



  • Speak with Galfrid to accept the quest.
  • Head to the north and slightly east till you get to Lifemend Stump at (22,27).
  • Interact with the Magicked Blade to start a cutscene and initiate a fight.
  • You will be joined by Yda and Papalymo in the fight. You will be up against a Frenzied Elm and two Frenzied Oak. During the fight, waves of Frenzied Oaks and Frenzied Bulbs will spawn. You will be healed by your NPC allies, it's advised to stay somewhat close to them so as to not be out of range of their heals. Kill the adds as they spawn, and keep any DoTs you might have up on the Frenzied Elm.
  • After the fight, interact with the Magicked Blade again to pick it up.
  • Return to Galfrid and hand him the blade to complete the quest.


  • At the Bannock, you learn that Ixali activity has been steadily increasing since the appearance of an as-yet-unknown individual in the Twelveswood. Suspecting a connection, Galfrid bids you investigate Lifemend Stump to the northeast.
  • Arriving at Lifemend Stump, you are met with a baffling sight: a sword has been thrust into the stump, and an Ixal lies dead nearby. Yet the mystery does not end there. Who were those two strange characters, and what was the scene that unfolded inside your mind's eye? The sword may well be a clue...
  • You have removed the sword from Lifemend Stump. Take it back to the Bannock and show it to Galfrid.
  • It turns out that the Hyuran lass and Lalafellin lad you encountered are friends of Gridania. Named Yda and Papalymo, respectively, the pair are scholars who are assisting the Gods' Quiver and the Wood Wailers. That revelation aside, your efforts have helped shed some light on the Ixal's recent activities. Galfrid expresses his gratitude, and asks that you continue to labor in service of Gridania and her citizens.