Description Edit

The world may know 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu as a lazy bag of bones, but you know the truth: few are as industrious when it comes to foiling a rival's plans.

Objectives Edit

  • Speak with 789th Order Acolyte Ba Go.
  • Place bright coal on the alchemy wain in the 13th Order Workshop. 0/3
  • Overcome any and all obstacles to rummage through the embers and retrieve the core from the smart bomb.
  • Hand the smart bomb core to Ba Go.
  • Report to 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu.

Journal Edit

Intent on frustrating the ambitious Zo Ga, 789th Order Craftsman Zo Ga, 789th Order Craftsman Bo Gu has concoted a plot to halt the planned upgrades to the 13th Order's prototype furnace. Since teh plot is of a flammable nature as is Bo Gu's wont, you will need to consult the bombsmith Ba Go on the best way to incinerate Zo Ga's wain full of upgrade parts.

Ba Go is as helpful as he is raving mad&mdahs;that is to say, exceedingly so. The first thing is to mark the wain with bright coal. The alchemist Ga Zi will serve as your guide into the 13th Order workshop.

The alchemy wain looks quite festive with the bright coal, though not quite the fair figure of Ba Go's fevered imaginings. Release the smart bombs from a safe location nearby, and let the fireworks begin.

The smart bombs are no more. You are the proud guardian of a smart bomb core, and it is a beauty. You are beginning to understand something of what Ba Go sees in these same things. Supress a momentary pang and hand over the core to Ba Go.

In Ba Go's twitchy yet capable hands, the core will be reborn as a brand new bomb. Your part in this glorious cycle of life complete, return to the 789th Order Dig and make your report to Bo Gu.

With the wain full of parts up in smokes, Zo Ga will not be upgrading his furnace for some time. Bo Gu is overjoyed at the success of the plot, and looks at you with new respect—or something that passes for it among his ilk.

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